Prioritizing Nurse Well-Being
as a Patient Care Strategy

In 2021 the American Associate of Critical-Care Nurses released a condemning report on the current state of Nursing in the United States. Burnout, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and PTSD have continued to rise amongst nursing staff in the time since then, risking high turnover in an industry that depends on sufficient hands to provide the care patients deserve. We knew we could do better.

That’s why in 2022, Neozene launched its proprietary NNP Program, a segment of our consulting service that delivers qualified RNs, CNSs, NPs, LVNs and other certified clinical staff to hospitals and care centers across the United States and the world.

But breaking into this space, we quickly realized: The nurse job market was built for hospitals and care centers – but not nurses themselves. The NNP Program aims to flip that paradigm, and we do so by putting your well-being, your preferences, your needs ahead of anything else. Because if there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that when you have well-trained, well-equipped, well-rested nurses at your aid, that’s when patient care is at its best.

How It Works – and How That Works for You

You are not a cookie-cutter, nor a robot, so we will never treat you like one. Our placement program kicks off with a comprehensive survey on your experience, previous employers, any specialty training or interests, and your work style, preferred environment, locality or team style. Our opportunities are wide and varied, so this information helps us determine not only where your skillset aligns but, more importantly, which of those opportunities will offer you a chance to thrive.

Once you have entered the NNP program, the doors never close. You’ll have access to review our open positions and will work with a dedicated Career Rep to help guide you through your options. Not sure if you are ready to make a move yet? No problem – signing on with us is by no means a commitment to work, but what you will gain is access to a brain trust of career professionals familiar with your field.

When opportunity knocks, we can help you decide whether to answer. Since we prioritize your well-being above all else, we will only match you with roles that meet your goals, whether that is to advance your career or strengthen your skills, to gain new exposure or leverage your tenure, to settle down or start a new adventure. Onboarding is streamlined and straightforward. Certification verification a quick and easy process. And post-onboarding, your Career Rep will keep tabs on your new position – we want you to feel great about your new job!

Ready to expand your horizons?

Neozene has opportunities you’ve likely never seen. We invite you to join a network of healthcare professionals who actually care about health – yours, ours, and our patients. Complete the short survey below and a Career Representative will be in touch!

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