Phase II and III studies require a different level of expertise due to the length, complexity in design, and knowledge of the diverse indications. The experience of Neozene staff provides you the confidence and reassurance that we will successfully manage all issues in today’s research as well as emerging technologies and challenges.

Our experienced staff can work with you to ensure:

  • Site and investigator selection are done with the best interest of the trial in mind.
  • The investigator and site personnel are properly trained on conducting the trial.
  • The appropriate regulatory documentation is collected and maintained.
  • Clinical data are being collected using Good Clinical Practices.
  • Adherence to study protocol and GCP.
  • Safety data are being collected and reported to regulatory agencies.
  • Data is collected, queried, and reported in an efficient manner.

To facilitate services in a timely and cost-effective manner, our staff is located throughout the country near most of the major medical facilities. As an added benefit to saving our clients money, our regionalized structure enables us to quickly respond to any issues occurring at the clinical sites.

We customize our service offering to our clients’ needs in order to increase efficiency and productivity. We provide our clients direct access to senior staff throughout the life of their project to ensure that any questions or issues related to the trial are addressed quickly.