Our vast experience working with sponsors and CROs has led to the development of a novel clinical trial monitoring services group providing an unparalleled level of quality, commitment and execution.

The advantages of Neozene clinical trial monitoring teams are clear:

  • Monitoring pool of over 250 regionalized monitors
  • Over 10 years average industry experience
  • Project retention (initiation to closure) over 90%
  • Experience in nearly all therapeutic areas
  • Trained in all commonly used corporate networks and modern technologies

Our employment relationships vest monitors in the efficiency, quality and success of projects. Our monitors are not continually pondering better opportunities and leaving your project – they are the best compensated and most experienced clinical research professionals and are committed to your protocol from initiation to closure.

A Project Manager will compose a team most appropriate for the protocol, taking into account the monitors’ therapeutic experience, availability and region. Above all, you are assured a superior Clinical Trial Monitoring experience not possible with a traditional CRO.

Our experienced monitors are responsible for monitoring the activities of investigational sites throughout a clinical study. Monitoring responsibilities include pre study, initiation, interim monitoring and closeout visits.

Routine Monitoring Services include:

  • Start-up and Initiation Management
  • Source Document Verification
  • CRF / eCRF Submission
  • Review Consent Forms / Process
  • Protocol Compliance Review
  • Monitor Drug Dispensing Procedures and Drug Accountability
  • Review all Regulatory Documentation and Correspondence
  • Resolve Data Queries
  • Facilitate Communications Between Site and Client